Thursday, July 24, 2008

I like California

This week I'm in California for some business meetings and for pleasure.

I'm staying this time in the Westlake Village Inn, very different from the Hyatt I stayed in last time. The different houses, the pool, fitness room, tennis and golf courts and the fine restaurants make it a place to be.

I must say I appreciate California more and more. Having lunch, under a palm tree and looking at some hills is very apart and something that's not possible in Belgium. The weather is very nice too, which makes people happy. I've always found the people from the US very friendly, but just as in Washington, this environment is "more". A picture where John and me enjoy the view and the weather.

On Wednesday evening we went out with Rich and Christine (right picture), some very nice people from Simi Valley. They took us to a famous place called Dakota's Steakhouse. I had a special steak called Tri Tip... and if it wasn't enough yet, as I love sweets, we ordered some nice desserts! (left picture)

Another thing you might try is a place called Cold Stone. You chose your different flavors of ice, tell them what they need to include (fruits, chocolate, m&m, ...) and they mix it. Very nice, but don't eat to much of it ;-)

I wonder what else I'll discover in the land of wine and food.


Johannes de Jong said...

Hmm, should I move to California for the weather or the sweets & ice cream :-)

Have fun

Unknown said...

sweets & ice cream of course ;)