Saturday, June 10, 2006

WC2006 - First games played

Everything went fine yesterday evening...
After putting in the score, the rank changed like foreseen, although I had hoped for a better position ;-)

I just got the latest stats of Jes; the visitors/hits of the WC2006 app are going up again.

John Scott (Jes) published a nice article about the "Tom Kyte" effect we got and how we made our application more scalable.

Here're some other links to articles writing about the APEX WC2006 application:


Anonymous said...

How does 'bet hints' work in this page:

Dimitri Gielis said...

When you click on the button, a webservice is called to retrieve the statistics of the bets.
I mean with that, all people guesses are taken into account and the results you can see under bet hints.
These guesses are *not* from the registered people of WC2006 APEX application, but they come from the bets on

Anonymous said...

Nice application however I've noticed that the local times on the overview page don't seem to be correct:
When I select Australia as the country, the time of the next game is displayed as:

26-JUN-2006 16:48 Italy - Australia Kaiserslautern

The actual local time is:
27 Jun, 00:15 (AEST)