Wednesday, July 25, 2007

APEX - Why limiting a column to 22 characters?

I probably had this problem before, but today I came across the same error again...

For a tabular form your Primary Key Column can't be more than 22 characters long.

I wonder why the APEX development team didn't limit that length to 30 characters, as it is in the Oracle database?

To make it even more strange, for a "normal" form your primary key column can exceed the 22 characters limit!

I know the APEX development team is working hard to improve the tabular forms, so if I'm allowed to give a suggestion: please remove the 22 character limit ;-)

(this discussion is not about if it's a good idea to make your column name that big)


Patrick Wolf said...

Interesting limitation...


Anonymous said...

I ran into the same problem earlier this year, and asked about it on the Apex board at

Scott Spadafore's answer: "I checked around and nobody knows the reason."

Fortunately, there are quite easy workarounds. Unfortunately, you still have to use a workaround for a problem that shouldn't exist.

Anonymous said...


What are the other workarounds than creating a view?

Amit Jindal said...

It is 2017 and We are still facing the same issue in 5.0.1.