Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Have fun with Euro 2008 and bet

If you're a football enthusiast like me, June 7 will be marked in your agenda!
The start of the EURO 2008 tournament is coming closer. My country (Belgium) is not making part of the participating teams. I find it also a pity that England won't be there as I'm a huge fan of David Beckham. Some people don't like him, but have a look at this video from this weekend!

Although my favorite teams won't play, Euro 2008 will still be worth to follow! One of the matches I really look forward to is the Netherlands against Italy.

Do you remember the World Cup 2006? At that time I created an APEX application to keep track of the scores. It got extended so you could also bet on the games and that was so much more fun. Some people asked me to do it again in for Euro 2008, so here we are. A few weeks before the start of the tournament, I'm happy to say DG Tournament is open for you to play again!

I think it's an excellent chance to bet with your colleagues, family, friends or enemies ;-) You can bet on the games for free, it's just for fun. As this application was also created to promote Oracle Application Express, we give the person who wins the bet a free ticket for our European Apex Training Days in September in the Netherlands. But as the application is also open for others we also give you the choice for an iPod Shuffle.

If there are other people or companies wanting to sponsor, feel free to write me a mail or add a comment on this post. The initial goal is to have a lot of fun again, but if we can win something it's always nice too.

Good luck!

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