Friday, January 23, 2009

Anychart 5.1 released

Today Anychart released version 5.1 of their charting product. I really looked forward to this release as it has some really nice features in!

We are currently working hard to get it compatible with the APEX integration kit, so if you're using this together with our kit, you'll need to wait a bit longer before doing the upgrade.

Here are some of my favorite new features:

Scrolling Support

All X / Y Axes based charts (Bar, Line, Area, Candlestick, etc.) can have Axes with scroll bar. You can also control the scroll barts with Javascript.

Heat Map Chart

Heatmap Charts, allows you to give graphical representation of data where the values taken by a variable in a two-dimensional map are represented as colors.

If you hover the legend the right numbers light up.

2D/3D Funnel Charts

Feature rich Funnel Charts both in 2D and 3D, smart labeling, animation, neck control and man more option.

3D Pie Charts and 3D Doughnut Charts

Nice looking, interactive 3D Pie Charts and 3D Doughnut Charts with Animation and all features of regular flat Pie and Doughnut Charts.

There are a lot of other nice features like Multiple X-Axis Support, One or more Interactive Labels or Tooltips, a combination of any chart type in a Dashboard etc. The complete list of changes you find here.

But as a last one... some people told me they would like to have better performance in their charts. Anychart 5.1 will help you with that!

AnyChart 5.1 is based on a new charting engine, which made it possible to improve performance and decrease rendering and update time dramatically. The new engine also allows to used larger data sets without significant time lags, and this applies to all chart types, including AnyMap extension. The below chart says enough...

PS: If you want to buy Anychart 5.1 you can still use the coupon code APEX15 to get a 15% discount!

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