Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Being in the UK

This morning I took the plane to the UK and instead of flying to Heathrow, I flew to Gatwick.

The flight was pretty good. I was impressed the stewardess new my name! I booked the flight through BA, but the flight was operated by SN Brussels Airlines and it happened that the BA standards correspond to the highest standard of SN. I had seat 1F, so not bad ;-)

Gatwick is a lot bigger than I thought and it's pretty good arranged: no queu to enter the UK, good trains... I was pleasantly surprised.

Tomorrow I'm traveling further to London and on Friday I'll be at the UKOUG APEX SIG.

I asked to change my presentation "What happens on an APEX page" by "Charts in APEX and beyond" as I really believe charts are so cool and Anychart 5.1.2 (due very very soon) even cooler.

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Johannes de Jong said...

Have fun in the UK.