Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pics of Oracle Ace's dinner - Oracle Nerd

I'm a bit behind with blogging about Oracle Open World 2009, but I promised to post some pictures of the ACE's dinner of Monday.

It was my first ACE dinner and I liked it very much. I had some nice food and drinks with all the other ACE's at OOW. Thanks to Vikki, Lillian and Duncan for the organization.

Mark Rittman and John Scott tasting some beer ;-)

Before OOW there was a whole story/thread about getting Oracle Nerd aka Chet Justice to OOW, one of them was to buy special Oracle Nerd shirts... so Chet, here are some pics of the ACE's wearing the shirts! Vikki and myself, showing the Oracle Nerd shirt.

Lillian M. Buziak, Steven Feuerstein and Andreas Chatziantoniou.

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oraclenerd said...

thank you sir for the pics...very much appreciated!