Wednesday, September 14, 2011

APEX Meetup @ OOW 2011

It's an annual tradition that the APEX developers get together at Oracle Open World to have some drinks and meet each other and tell great stories.

This year it's the 5th year we do this! (update: 6th year!) The first APEX Meetup was in 2006, this is the picture that was taken at that time.

You recognise the people? It's funny to see that picture again, it shows how fast life goes and that we don't stay young ;-)

Where in 2006 APEX had still everything to proof, the stories were about "will APEX stay?" and "how can I convince my manager/customer that APEX is really good?"... now, APEX has proven it's value many times and almost every customer using Oracle knows about it or uses APEX. Things change... and the life of APEX isn't over yet... there is more to come.

So what about the meet up this year?

As the tradition wants, the APEX Meetup will be at the 4th Street Bar & Deli on the Tuesday (7.30 PM) during Oracle Open World. Everybody is welcome! OTN (thanks Lillian!) is sponsoring this year again too, so the first round is already paid for :-)

Hope to see you there...


Martin D'Souza said...

I'll be there. Thanks for settings this up.

Tobias Arnhold said...

Nice. I wish I would have been there at least once. Not this year either but maybe next year... Anyway hope you will enjoy it this year as well!

Anonymous said...

Oh Nice, have a delightful evening, enjoy the party. Cheers!

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Joel R. Kallman said...

I like to think that I haven't aged since then. My hair may be a bit shorter and grayer, but not by much.