Monday, December 16, 2013

Time to update your APEX development environment

In the last days (and weeks) Oracle has been updating many of the tools a typical APEX Developer uses day-in-day-out.

Here's a graphical overview of a typical APEX configuration:

Following desktop tools got updated:

  • SQL Developer 4.0
    • my favourite connection to the Oracle database
    • a great SQL and PL/SQL editor
    • easy to configure the APEX Listener
Following server side components:
  • APEX 4.2.4
    • a new patch for APEX was released on Friday, the newest version of APEX is now 4.2.4
    • it took about 13 minutes to upgrade from 4.2.3 and it did it without any issues
    • next to some bug fixes, many of the packaged applications got updated. There are some new plugins available in those packaged apps; for ex. the fishbowl plugin

Happy upgrading...


Miguel Rosemberg said...

Hi Dimitri, i downloaded the patch for the apex 4.2.4 but when y try tu exec the apxpatch script the DB returns that it must be openned with the "FOR UPDGRADE" option, it was weird but y follow what it says and opened that way, but still doesn't work it says that another file is missing.
You know about this problem?

Dimitri Gielis said...

hmm I don't know about that error.

Did you shutdown your listener?
And are you running the command as sys (as sysdba)?

Alan Arentsen said...

You probably downloaded the full zip from the website. You can download the patch from the Oracle support site (patch nr. 17607802).
It should work then.

Happy upgrading! :)

Unknown said...


I read your post with great interest last month and successfully upgraded. There's one thing that's been nagging at me though. You mentioned that there is a new plugin "fishbowl" included in one of the sample apps. So far I haven't found it. What has been bothering me though is there are a number of plugins included the sample applications that Oracle has not been posting to their own plugin site. Have you head anyhting from the apex team regarding why they aren't publicizing the new plugins?

Just curious.


Dimitri Gielis said...

Hi Tom,

I'm not sure what the policy for the dev team is to put something on the OTN site. I'll ask next time I speak to them.