Thursday, September 19, 2019

Free Oracle Cloud: 4. Connecting with SQL Developer Web to ATP

This post is part of a series of blog posts on the Best and Cheapest Oracle APEX hosting: Free Oracle Cloud.

Login to your Oracle Cloud Account. Once in, navigate on the left hamburger icon to Autonomous Transaction Processing and select the Autonomous Database. In the overview screen click the Service Console:

Make sure you allow pop-ups as it opens a new tab.
You will get a graphical overview, in here you want to click on the Development link.

There you find the link to SQL Developer Web:

You can login with the same credentials as in SQL Developer (Desktop). Username: admin and your cloud account password.

Then you arrive at SQL Developer Web. The first time you login you get an introduction tour so you get used to the interface, but it's very similar to the SQL Developer Desktop version.

You might think why would I use SQL Developer Web? I sometimes don't have access to the database machine directly, but I have access to Oracle APEX interface. I use the SQL Workshop there, but if I had SQL Developer Web I would use that. So any customer in the cloud, I could use SQL Developer Web in case I need access to the database, but they don't allow direct connection :)

At Oracle Open World (OOW) I also heard that SQL Developer Web will ship with ORDS 19.3, so at that time we can use this nice interface on-premises too.

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