Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Use of 11g functionalities (pivot) in Windows

Yep... it's possible! Oracle Database 11g is out for Windows. You can download it here.

Already a lot others blogged about it, but as I'm more blogging about Oracle Application Express, I thought to blog into that direction for this new release...

11g brings you a lot of new features. Especially the PLSQL New Features are useful to any APEX developer. Now you know you can use it on your windows servers too.
One of the new nice things is the Pivot function...

If you want to read more about these new features (for developers), here are some nice links:
I'm not going to install Oracle DB 11g on my windows system as I'm currently creating my VM's for OOW: Oracle Enterprise Linux + Oracle Database 11g + BI Publisher. (I'll blog later the steps I did to create these VM's) I don't want my machine crashing anymore, so I'm preparing myself ;-)

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