Thursday, January 17, 2008

APEX vs ADF (BEA?): Round 2

After the first round in Europe, there will be a second round in the States!

On the last day of ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2008 we'll have a new "fight"... This time my opponent is not Lucas Jellema, but Peter Ebell. Peter is also a big name in the Java world. He was one of the key persons in the JHeadstart team and he has a broad knowledge about Java, BPEL and SOA.

All details still need to be defined, but the approach will be not that different than what we did in Nieuwegein. Although I heard with Peter it can become bloody! ;-)

As a side note, did you see Oracle acquired BEA?

I'm happy I'm concentrating on the Oracle database and APEX is living in that. It doesn't change that much. The (Oracle) Java world is moving so quickly! I wonder if Peter will talk about deploying ADF to BEA Weblogic. But I suppose these days are exciting moments for the Oracle Java people.

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