Monday, December 07, 2009

Accessibility in APEX

One of my highlights at UKOUG was the presentation of Anthony Rayner about Accessibility in APEX. It remembered me at my youth where my mother (she's a professor) had to guide a blind person. From that time onwards I really started to appreciate and admire the disabled people and the people around them.

Anthony's presentation was all about how we can make our websites and applications better, so disabled people can better understand and visualize what is going on on there.

I got a real shock when Anthony started a screen reader (JAWS) and showed us what these people "see" (or better hear). He also explained what the lacks are in the current version of APEX and what they have been doing in APEX 4.0 to better support accessibility. Anthony also explained what you need to look for in your own application so screen readers have an easier job e.g. use divs, give meaning full names to regions, pictures, tags etc.

I'll try to do my best in the applications I write to better support accessibility as I think it's really important and as Anthony said, 15% of the people on the internet are disabled, so don't ignore them...

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