Tuesday, August 07, 2012


Currently I'm doing the OTN Latinoamerica Tour 2012 (South leg).

The first country we visited was Uruguay. It's currently winter here (whereas in Belgium it's summer), so the temperature is a bit lower (between 6-16 degrees Celsius), but it's still a lot warmer than the winter in Belgium!

Here's a picture taken from my hotel room... nice indeed!

Uruguay has some really nice views and buildings. This is the building the conference is held in.

The conference itself is very well organised. In Uruguay they speak Spanish, unfortunately a language I don't speak... but they did foresee translators, so real-time, people were translating during my presentation.
Many people didn't need the headphones as they could understand English as well. I do hope to learn Spanish one day, as I like the language.

There were many interesting presentations. As I was the only person speaking about APEX, it gave me the opportunity to see presentations about different topics.

I enjoyed the presentation of Tom Kyte about Big Data and Dana Singleterry about "Is ADF simpler than Forms?". Big Data is obviously the next big thing, I look forward to integrate that with APEX.
The demo's of Dana building ADF applications were interesting as well. ADF has many build-in components (graphs, pivot, panels, ...) you can use out-of-the-box. It was a while ago I saw an ADF presentation, and although I still find it a lot more complex than APEX, they made it a lot simpler and faster to build apps.

In the evening we went out with the speakers to a typical bar/restaurant from Uruguay. I want to thank the organiser of the event so much, and special thanks to Edel, Daniel and Nelson. Muchas gracias!

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