Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Upgrade HTC P3300 with Windows Mobile 6

As I blogged before I'm very happy with my HTC P3300 mobile phone/pda...

During the weekend I upgraded my phone from Windows Mobile 5 to Windows Mobile 6.

There are not that many changes, it's more like a WM5 Second Edition. Nevertheless I think this upgrade is definitely worth! I really needed this upgrade as WEP security for Wifi is from WM6 onwards available out-of-the-box. So now I can connect to my wireless Lan at home and be even more online ;-)

Other features why I believe this upgrade is useful:

  • It looks to me the interface is faster and more slick
  • Better Outlook with support for html mails
  • New tunes / sound themes which can be attached to events
  • Improved security
Some articles of WM6 I found useful: here and here.


Anonymous said...

I have a HTC P3300, but i can't get the software's upgrade from de HTC web site.. Do you know if it's a mistake of the HTC web site or in my two notebooks?

Dimitri Gielis said...

Hmm, it worked for me?

Are you registered on the HTC site? If not, that's required before you get the update.

Hope that helps,

Carlos said...

I am registered on HTC e-Club and there is no ROM upgrades at the HTC site.
If anybody knows how I can get it, please post it here.

Anonymous said...

I've got the sane problem. At this moment http://member.htc.com/member/login.aspx isn't available at all...

Dimitri Gielis said...

When logged in into HTC e-club, it's in the my downloads, phone software updates section. A direct link: http://member.htc.com/member/RomDetail.aspx?cat=10

Hope that helps,

Alex said...

I had the same problem for a long time. After reading here that there is a download available, I realized the catch: It is not enough to register on the site, you MUST also register your HTC by inserting the S/N, otherwise the phone software update for the P3300 does not appear. Thanks for discussing this here, you were the inspiration to resolve this long awaited issue. Alex

Dmitriy P said...

This is only a part of a problem.
I registered fully, but site offers me to download windows mobile Russian version!!! I need English, but the only version is Russian. Very stupid service.

Dmitriy P said...

Dmitri, could you please send me your English version for HTC P3300 by e-mail dexter_at_lab@mail.ru?

Dimitri Gielis said...


Almost the same name ;-)

I guess it depends your regional or browser settings. Try to change that and see if that gives you the English version.

Hope that helps,

Gadgets PT said...

This site has a step by step guide to update the HTC P3300 with the official WM6 ROM.

It also has some tweaks suck as disabling the application lock and enabling the VoIP features.