Monday, April 21, 2008

RIP orablogs, welcome

There's already somewhat written about the death of the orablogs site. That site was one of my main sites, especially a few years ago. It's a pity it's out of air.

I more often read some posts that their blog disappeared, got hacked or got corrupted. I wanted to backup my blog, so I build something to do that in APEX. Later I extended it to include all blogs covering Oracle Application Express. It's not only easy to see what's new in APEX land, but it also allows me to search through the blogs even when they are off line.

For people not having a blog, the site also allows you to create a blog post. You require to login to the site (for free) to do that, but once logged in you can also do other things like rate the articles.

The website I created is called "Apex Blog Aggregator" or "Apex Blogs" which you find at There are still some things that don't work like I wish, but feel free to comment on this post to make it better...

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Janick said...

Nice application, I like the design :p