Friday, March 12, 2010

Word count in Pages (OSX)

Sometimes it's hard to find something if you don't use it that much.

I was searching for a Word and Character count in Pages (OSX). Pages is like Word, but than from Apple. Anyway, in Pages most nice "things" are under the Inspector icon.

The first icon (Document) and the third tab in there, give you what you need. Information about your document, like the number of words you used, number of characters etc.

The better you know something, the faster you can get what you want, it applies to everything ...


Unknown said...

Hi dimitri,

I use this for submitting abstracts: these are often limited.
To get the statistics, I always use Edit, Writing Tools, Show Statistics.
Another good feature is you can select a part of the text, the statistics then automatically will show the statistics of the selection, instead of the whole document.

Mike said...

Or you could do it the way *real* programmers do. copy the text, open up a terminal
wc -w << EOF

but then again, you develop in ApEx ;-)