Saturday, November 06, 2010

APEXBlogs v2 - Showing the blog posts APEX 4.0 style

The main reason for APEXBlogs was to aggregate the blog posts and be able to search in an easy manner.

The way it was initially implemented was through a normal (classic report) in APEX and a search bar which allowed you to search for any text. Next you had the possibility to search between dates or on specific blogs.

To improve the standard functionalities of APEX 3.x I added some jQuery. E.g. clicking on the icon of "Blog Selection" would slide open the checkboxes with the blogs. Another example is the use of the jQuery date picker instead of the standard date picker.

This is how the search and blog view looked in version APEXBlogs v1.

APEXBlogs version 2 is written completely from scratch in APEX 4.0 and tries to use as much functionalities of APEX 4.0. So the above way of searching and the use of a classic report got replaced by an Interactive Report.

This is how the report view of the Interactive Report looks like.

This is how the detail view of the Interactive Report looks like (new in APEX 4.0).

As you can see, that view is similar to the classic report view I had in version 1.
The big difference is that it's just an Interactive Report, so all functionality of the Interactive Report you can still use! Adding filters, group by, doing highlighting etc.
You can just switch between the two views.

If you didn't know this functionality existed, you find it in the Report Attributes of your Interactive Report. There is a Detail View section which you have to enable and then you can add the html code you want it to look like.

Very neat feature of the Interactive Reports and it became very useful with building this new version of APEXBlogs.

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