Friday, November 05, 2010

Pictures of APEXPosed 2010 Brussels

Last week the first European APEXPosed event took place. It was a very successful event with over 120 people spread over the APEX and PL/SQL sessions. It was the first time ODTUG came to Europe and it was kind of special for me as it was in my own country.

Although it took some time to organise (special thanks to Kathleen and her team) and also during the event we still had a lot to do, I'm so happy everybody seemed to enjoy the event.

I believe the sessions where of a very high quality and the overall atmosphere was great (thanks to all the attendees!).

Below you find some pictures of the event (thanks to Patrick and Kathleen to share it with me).

Here you see Anthony presenting...

During the reception on the first day we had some good laughs as well. It was a great opportunity to talk to all the people and have some drinks together. On the picture from left to right: Patrick, John, Roel and me.

After the reception some of us went out to have some food. They thought I knew Brussels well, which is only partially true ;-) We were trying to get a place into the best two restaurants of Brussels but they were both fully booked, so we ended up in a Portuguese restaurant.
The food was good, but the company was even better ;-)

The last day we had the quiz. It was great fun! John did an excellent job in reading out the questions and staying serious at the same time as some questions were hilarious :-)

The winners of the quiz got an Amazon gift card and obviously had to be photographed...

First place: Peter

Draw for the second place: Edgar and Niels

Third place: Roel

Steven Feuerstein also gave us some books to handout to the people that didn't make it in the top 3: Carsten, Marco and Maurize

If you couldn't make this one, we are doing another event in the first quarter of 2012!


  1. 2012? Isn't that a tad late? What about next year ;-)

  2. I was in Brussels too (the grey hair on the first picture is mine). I liked it a lot. Learned at lot too, see for instance my first plugin at

  3. Thanks for organizing this event.
    It was very interesting and making the first place in the APEX quiz was the sugar coating ;-)

    Hope for another event in 2011.


  4. First of all thanks for a fantastic event.

    And yes I agree with Roel why only in 2012 ?????


  5. Roel, Johannes,

    We'll obviously do APEX events in the BENELUXin 2011, but it won't be under the ODTUG flag.


  6. I liked it a lot. Learned at lot too, see for instance my first plugin...