Sunday, June 24, 2012

My view on APEX 4.2 EA (ready to test)

Things have been busy lately... now being at the ODTUG KScope 2012 conference I'll take the opportunity to do some more tweets and blog posts.

The last week the Oracle APEX Development team made a public APEX 4.2 EA available. You find it on
You may also want to read this post to find more details about availability etc.

So what is new in APEX 4.2?

You find a description of all the new features here

The top 3 biggest things for me are arround:
  • Mobile development
  • HTML5 (themes, items, charts)
  • Packaged applications
I'll go into more detail in some other blog posts later, but here are already some teasers.

1) An APEX app build by Marc Sewtz, it shows what you can build with the new Mobile Wizards in APEX 4.2.

2) HTML5 chart created by the wizard (based on AnyChart 6 HTML5 charts)

3) An overview of the Packaged Applications (productivity / business apps) that come with APEX 4.2. Soon we can write our own apps and have them included there...

Try APEX 4.2 EA out and give your feedback to the APEX Development team. APEX 4.2 is again a real nice release, so really worth to check out! The entire APEX Builder interface got a complete overhaul.


  1. I really agree.Mobile apps exposese your business from conecpt to infrastruture level. Quality of Sevices and response comes to focus and you have to be best.Thanks!!

  2. Hi There

    On the HTML Charts will the watermark "Anychart Trail Version" always be displayed on the charts that you create in Apex 4.2?