Sunday, August 05, 2012

looking back at KScope 12 - KScope 13 info

Straight after KScope 12 I left on holiday, which meant I didn't find the time yet to get up-to-speed with blogging. Coming back a lot of work was waiting again and now I'm travelling again... I did want to finish this post first before getting onto other things.

KScope 12 was another great conference. Next to the great sessions and meeting up with people, the APEX development team showed the power of APEX 4.2 on the Sunday symposium.

If you didn't see APEX 4.2 yet, you can give it a try as the early adopter (v2) is ready to test. Although the 4.2 (instead of 4.1.1) doesn't sound like a big jump (in number), it is in my opinion. I'll come back to that in a series of posts about the APEX 4.2 version in the next weeks.

Back to KScope 12... it was my first time in Texas and it was an experience to say the least :-)
Seeing a rodeo, people with booths, heads and guns... many horses, also amazing meat (dinner at the range). It was great to be somewhere I never went before. Here's a picture when somebody asked to have a picture with the AE team at the range where the rodeo was held.

Update: Martin did an interview with me at KScope 12, where I give my view on the conference. You find it here.

If you missed KScope 12 not to worry, next year there will be KScope 13. KScope 13 will bring us back to 2008, when the conference was held in New Orleans as well. We all have many memories about it! It seems that in 2008 I blogged a bit more in detail (every day!) about the events than nowadays. For example the Tuesday post you find here.

I do remember the service day when we painted a school, the neckles you throw at the girls in Bourbon Street and also the many presentations I had to do at that conference. For the charts one I won the best presenter award, but there was also one on the last day; the shoot-out between APEX and ADF, which I did together with Lucas Jellema. I remember that was a hard one... and a topic I wouldn't do anymore today, maybe a comparison, but not a shoot-out :-)

Boubon street

One last thing I want to share, when you go to KScope 13, you should definitely try an "hand-granade"

Just know when to stop...

I know already many people who were there in 2008, who already booked their ticket for 2013 (yes registration is already open)!
KScope 13 is definitely worth going to, not only for the great content, but as you can see above also for the social part. Many great people, very nice location... see you there.

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