Sunday, March 30, 2008

LA, Universal Studios and Malibu

Los Angeles, California, is a very nice place. First time I went there and I'll probably come back later for a real holiday. I didn't see Holywood due to lack in time, but I saw some other nice spots...

From Thousand Oaks to Universal Studios over Santa Monica beach to Malibu and back to Thousand Oaks. It's a pity I didn't see that many "stars"! I drove in Bel Air to look at the houses. They are very impressive, so is the area. I did the Citywalk in Universal Studios and saw the life guard cabin of Pamela Anderson of Baywatch. She was just free of duty that day, a real shame. ;-)

It was nice to see the water and have good air, especially after a week of hard work.

Below some pictures I took.

I hope my flight to Belgium will be not to difficult, as I heard that there're some problems in Heathrew (London, UK).


Niall said...

The problems are with the new Terminal 5, and specifically with baggage handling. I'd expect you to make it - it's mostly domestic flights that get cancelled - but if you have to go through T5 you may not see your bags for a bit.

Dimitri Gielis said...

Thanks Niall.

I had a look and bad luck, I'll arrive in T5! That will be fun ;-)