Saturday, March 05, 2011

APEXBlogs (v2) - EA Live!

I just put APEXBlogs (v2) EA (Early Adopter) online...

Goal is to gather as much feedback as possible! Any issues, remarks or just your thoughts please use this blog post to add them or use the Feedback button on the APEXBlogs site itself.

Known Issues:
  • Internet Explorer 7 and lower compatibility: the search is not aligned like in other browsers
  • iPad resize on Home Page gives white band on right hand side
  • Charts in Statistics and APEX Usage won't load on the iPad/iPhone
Goal is to have most issues ironed out for the beginning of next week. I'll do some more blog postings in the next days with some more background about this site.

So go quickly to the new APEXBlogs site and try it out! Hope you like it.


Peter Raganitsch said...

Looks great, amazing Job!

Dan McGhan said...

Agreed, well done!

Johannes de Jong said...

Great looking site Dimitri