Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Non-Flash Charts for APEX - Released today!

It's with great honour APEX Evangelists is announcing today that Non-Flash Charts APEX Plugin (or in short: NFChart) is publicly available.

If you need great looking charts that run everywhere, including iPad, iPhone, iPod or just any device that doesn't have a Flash player/plugin, this product is definitely something you want!

NFCharts is very easy to use, it's just an Oracle APEX Plugin, so after installing this plugin it behaves as a native region. The plugin comes with a sample application so it's super easy to get started and have examples to your disposal.

Just as with the charts that are in APEX we have plugin text-items which you fill in and the chart will behave like that. If you need more we allow to customise anything you like!

And that is not all... we have a special launch offer too! If you order NFChart by 18-MAR-2011 you get a nice discount! The discount codes are SAVE75, SAVE100, SAVE150 depending the license type you go with.


Johannes de Jong said...

Works like a dream on my iPad. I will definitely purchase once my app gets to the Charts phase.


Patrick Wolf said...

Really nice!


saas bi said...

Is it having any limitations compairing to flash/flex developed charts or components? If it can replace them and uses minimal resources, its gonna be a great advantage.

Unknown said...

Hi Dimitri,
Can you give an example on how to implement colors based on conditions in dual gauge charts. Would really appreciate your time.
Thank you,