Wednesday, March 09, 2011

APEXBlogs v2 - iPad compatible, even charts!

It's very exciting to announce the new APEXBlogs site is now iPad compatible!
I find it so cool! Now you can look at the latest news on APEX everywhere.

Following enhancements where made to make the site iPad compatible:
  • If you navigate to and you tab the + to add it to your Home Screen on the iPad, it gets a proper icon.
  • APEXBlogs is optimised to run in Landscape mode (iPad rotated left or right), if it's not then a popup message will appear to tell you, it looks even better if you turn the screen.
  • The other exciting enhancement is that you will see also charts now! As the iPad doesn't support to run Flash, we included NFCharts, the Non-Flash Charts APEX Plugin created by APEX Evangelists. If you are on your PC you still see the Flash Charts as there is only a redirect when there is an iPad/iPhone/iPod found. If you want to see the non-Flash charts also on your pc, go here. Look pretty similar no? I love our plugin and it will become available for sale very soon. Keep an eye on John Scott's blog as well as he will do more posts about NFCharts in the coming days too.

To get the site working nicely with the iPad, this website gave me good tips.

Hopefully some people can give it a try on their iPad. I know quiet a lot of people in the APEX community have one, so look forward what you think of it.


Petko Karamotchev said...

Dimitri, thank you for the great work evangelising for Oracle APEX for so many years!

It might be an off topic, however have you tried to develop or at least to edit/modify (probably while on a vacation) applications build with Oracle APEX?

Is the iPad useful as a tool to develop APEX apps?

Thank you!

Dimitri Gielis said...

Hi Petko,

I not only evangelise APEX, I build day in day out applications with Oracle Application Express ;-)

So yes I've been building APEX applications for many years (started in 2004).

You can use the iPad to develop APEX apps, but I wouldn't say it's ideal. With a laptop/desktop you can work much faster, also for debugging having browser plugins helps a lot to debug javascript and css.

Hope that helps,