Thursday, May 10, 2007

APEX reports in SQL Developer

I just read Kris Rice blog about "New patch with APEX features".

Kris is all into SQL Developer. SQL Developer is a great tool (addition) for any APEX developer.
I use SQL Developer a lot... it prevents that you need to switch all the time between the Application Builder and the SQL Workshop in APEX.

Below the new APEX reports in SQL Developer (picture from Kris's Blog):

I suppose the reports are based on the APEX dictionary.
For ex. for Applications: see the APEX_APPLICATIONS view in the FLOWS_

As Kris stated: The only down side is that APEX 3.0.1 is required and it hasn't been released yet.

Without any promises of Oracle... I heard we can probably expect this new APEX version at the end of May/begin June time-frame.

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