Sunday, November 29, 2009


On Thursday I had a final meeting with the directors of OBUG (Oracle BeNeLux User Group) about setting up an APEX SIG.

Oracle Application Express is getting more popular in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, so it made sense to bring all these people together and talk about it.

So from Thursday onwards in the diagrams of the OBUG you'll see an APEX SIG now. The OBUG has a big one-day event in March called "Benelux Connect", so probably on that day we'll do some APEX sessions there. Next to that, the goal is to have at least two meetings a year with the APEX SIG. Next to the technical presentations, the Use Cases and sharing knowledge, the networking and having fun is an important part.

We are working on a new website for OBUG, which will go live in January and on there you will find more information about the APEX SIG.

We have many more ideas and I hope all of the APEX enthusiasts and people working with this wonderful tool in the BeNeLux will join.

While we wait for the official website to be launched you can register your interest in the APEX SIG here. All registered people will be kept informed... so register now!

PS: For the people thinking the current OBUG site is made in ASP, you are right, but the register section is an iFrame to an APEX app ;-)

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