Monday, November 23, 2009

Twitter messages on

I extended the APEX Blogs aggregator to also include Twitter messages.

A few years ago blogs were hot to exchange knowledge, but writing blog posts takes time. These days people use Twitter messages to post very short messages. But I find it very useful as you know what people are doing e.g. Patrick Wolf tweeted he was working on a Required Flag for an item in APEX 4.0.

As I think a lot of people miss out on these short (but interesting) messages I decided to include it on the site.

If you want to appear on the site you only need to put #apexblogs in your twitter message and in real-time your message will appear on the site.

I used some code of OraTweet to make this happen. Thanks to Noel Portugal to share that nice app.

Have fun with the tweets! Hope you like it.


Home Audio Cabinets said...

thanks for the info, i'll try the aggregator

Rutger said...

Hi Dimitri,

Maybe you allready noticed, but the site is down for me:

ORA-29268: HTTP client error 400 - Bad Request


Dimitri Gielis said...

Hi Rutger,

Not sure what that caused, but it seems back online now (didn't change anything). Twitter is sometimes down, maybe that gave an invalid procedure call.
I probably need to check my exception handling for this new feature...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Jan Huyzentruyt said...

Nice, very nice ...
BTW, the Oratweet we use already for a while at iAdvise as a kind of 'Ad Valvas', our internal message and communication board, ...

Unknown said...

Hi Dimitri,
since the commenting system on Apexblogs is not working anymore, I am posting here.

I noticed that there is a post In your Apexblogs RSS feed about "OraTweet - Tweeting on the Enterprise" that is always shown at the top of the feed: it looks like it's stuck there since it has a date in the future (26/12/2010), even if the original post is from August 2008.

This is quite annoying and from the outside it may look like (an unintended?) spamming from the author of Oratweet.

I am using Firefox to read you RSS feed, so I don't have anyway to ignore or remove it.
I don't know if other RSS readers do have the same issue, but it would be very nice if you could fix it somehow.

Paolo Marzucco
Apex developer

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