Friday, June 09, 2006

Only 30 minutes left!

The WC2006 APEX application has a lot of success! We had a hugh increase in visitors just after the post on Tom Kyte's Blog!

At the moment 310 people are registered...

Following new features are included in the WC2006 application:

  • view the "play time" in the prefered (your) time zone
  • latest news
  • pictures for stadia
  • mail function, your rank will be mailed to you if that flag is enabled in your profile
  • you can predict the minute of the first goal scored in the finale, this is done to define the winner in case of people having the same score (in the rank)
  • some other minor changes
I wish you all good luck with your bets!!


Kirtan said...

Why is it that even after logging out from the world cup (apex) website, if I click back button on the browser, it takes me back to my pages an lets me make changes? (this happened on IE, haven't tried that on firefox yet.)

I thought that was a little "umm" behaviour and thought you should know.

Dimitri Gielis said...

Did you also try to submit after you made the changes? Normally this will not work...