Sunday, July 22, 2007

Oracle 11g after the webcast

James Burke believes that if you stand still you'll die, so I finally took the time to finish this post (after 10 days)...

During the Oracle 11g webcast I took some notes and screenshots, which I posted below.

A big portion of this webcast was about "Innovation" and "Managing Information".
Oracle wants to Innovate Faster (Oracle has 1500 developers working on the DB nowadays!) but they see some challenges:

Charles Philips stated only 3% of the world has been digitized. He thinks the biggest challenges for customers are the way to manage more and more complex data.

When you compare the innovations Oracle did during the last year, I'm glad I'm so Oracle minded ;-) Of course Oracle had to include the competition in the slide...

Where 10g was about "Grid", 11g is about "Scaling Grid". The next slide I find interesting too... When and why would customers upgrade their database?

The press release of the Oracle Database 11g you find here.
More technical information about 11g you find on OTN.
The whitepapers I like: Database 11g New Features and 11g Application Development
Do we see Oracle Application Express - APEX into these? Of course ;-)

Oracle Application Express (from 11g NF whitepaper)

Oracle Application Express, Oracle’s declarative, browser-based, rapid application
development tool for building database-centric applications, will be enhanced in the
Oracle Database 11g release timeframe with

  • New, prepackaged applications for popular functions such as blogs, discussion forums, surveys, bug tracking, and storefront
  • Reporting with Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher integration
  • Microsoft Access migration aids
  • Declarative Ajax support
  • Drag-and-drop form layout

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>> James Burke believes that if you
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