Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Announcement: 2nd European Apex Training Days (EATD)

Following the success of our recent European Application Express training days in Brussels, we have set the date and location for our next APEX Evangelists European Training Days Event.

The event will be a 3-day advanced Application Express course (agenda coming soon) and like our previous event will rely heavily on lots of live demos and real world examples and scenarios.

We will need to limit numbers, since once the audience size grows beyond a certain point it becomes more time-consuming to respond to questions and we cannot be as ‘interactive’ as we like to be (which from the feedback from the previous even was one of the things that people felt set us apart from other training events they’d attended).

So, if you’re looking for some advanced Application express training, from people who *really* use it day-in day-out and can help to answer those real-world questions you have, then sign up!

Note that, whilst we are only doing a few of these ‘open’ trainings a year, we are of course able to perform on-site training specifically for your company. So feel free to contact us via the APEX Evangelists site.

You can register directly for the London 2008 training by using this link.

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