Saturday, August 23, 2008

Updated Oracle Forums - time to get into again

I just noticed that the Oracle Forums changed again to the new version.
Justin Kestelyn gives more information about the upgrade here.

There's a new pointing system going on, so people like Scott and John who were top posters in the APEX Forum can start again to get to that position ;-)

The new forum soft looks better than last time when it got upgraded (see my blog post about that upgrade here). It's a lot faster for me know, so that's already good. I did a reply to a question and everything went fine so far.


SydOracle said...

Solid 500 Internal Errors for me.

Roel said...

Also this second attempt seems to fail....all "500 Internal Server Error" for me. Seems like testing is not so important for the forums? ;-)


Anonymous said...

I'm pleased I sold all my Posting Points on Ebay before the upgrade.

Anonymous said...

It's strange that Oracle can produce a world class database, but something as simple as a forum is beyond their skills.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with johna! It's always slow and it misses proper categorization and navigation.

Anonymous said...

a very good blog! but you have to write some post in spanish!!!!


Olivier Dupont said...

its been offline for the entire day now :(

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with roel and johna. Oracle staff should hang their heads in shame for what they've done (or, probably, not done) to the forum servers. I used to point people to the Oracle sites as an example of efficient servers etc - not any more.

It doesn't matter how fancy they make the posting page, if the servers do work, nobody will see the new features - and, I couldn't get half the stuff to work anyway.

And, damned, John, I wish I'd thought of selling all my points :D


Anonymous said...

"if the servers do work" - should, of course, have read "if the servers don't work"

See what not having a forum to play with does to your typing skills!