Friday, March 06, 2009

Anychart Integration Kit 5.1.2 for APEX

For the people who didn't see it yet, we put a new download on which let you use the integration kit for Anychart 5.1.2 (and above).

People using Anychart 5 should still use the Anychart 5 integration kit which you find on the same site.

We are currently working on a new site (see image) that shows some of the new features and will also includes the Maps, Gauges and Gantt charts. Something to look forward to!

The integration kit is still free, but includes a Trial version of Anychart. You would need to buy the full version of Anychart to remove the Trial watermark. To make things more clear you can now buy Anychart 5, Anymap and Gantt charts together with the integration kit directly on the site of Anychart.

You can still use the APEX15 promotion code to get a 15% discount on all the products of Anychart which includes the APEX integration kit.

We are happy to help you with any installation issues if you buy Anychart with the APEX integration kit. Next to that we also offer consultancy to help you with creating your charts, dashboards, maps, gauges and gantts or any other question you have about Anychart or APEX.

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Anonymous said...

More a question if you know ... can this verion on anychart (and integration kit) render complex charts - specifically stacked bar charts with lines also?