Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Oracle Database 11g R2 available now

I always thought Oracle would wait to release 11g R2 at OOW, but apparently Larry has another surprise for OOW ;-)

Today Oracle made 11g R2 of the database available. I'm currently downloading the Linux version and am curious to see how things go with this release. You find more information about the changes in this release in the documentation (New Features section) or in this whitepaper (more marketing material) which also gives an idea why you want to upgrade.

APEX 3.2.1 is included in this release, so when you install this version of the database you have the latest release of APEX immediately.

I didn't use the "Online Application Upgrade" features of 11g yet, but it seems this got enhanced even more in 11g R2. It would be nice to include that in your Supporting Objects in APEX to do an upgrade of your app and underlying data-model.

I guess more and more companies will upgrade to 11g now release 2 is here.

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