Monday, December 21, 2009

APEX 4.0: My thoughts after first round of playing

In the last two days I developed with APEX 4.0 EA. Although I already played a bit during OOW it's different when you have some more time.

As I already mentioned earlier... it's the best APEX version so far. It looks good, feels smooth and there are many new features. Although this is not yet the "full" version of APEX 4.0 I would already be happy to just get this.

The blog posts I did so far:
- APEX 4.0: writing higher quality applications by using the Advisor
- APEX 4.0: new public packages
- APEX 4.0: dictionary views
- APEX 4.0: Tree View vs Component View
- APEX 4.0 EA available
- APEX 4.0 Screenshots and first impression
- APEX 4.0 Highlights and Video

I'm going to hold a little pause in doing blog posting on APEX 4.0...
There is a lot more to discover, so you might play with it and check other new features out.

I plan to write more about APEX 4.0 in January. These are in my drafts:
- APEX 4.0 Charts, Maps and Gantts
- APEX 4.0 Dynamic Actions
- APEX 4.0 My first plugin
- APEX 4.0 Team Development


Stew said...

Thanks for the nice collection of posts. I haven't gotten a chance to play much yet, but I'll keep an eye out for what you've discussed.

Ittichai Chammavanijakul said...

Nice collection. I can't wait to see your Jan posts

Johannes de Jong said...


Are the Maps you are taling about the Anycharts maps?


Sreekanth Babu V said...

Hi Dimitri,
Nice thoughts and thank you for the information. "APEX 4.0 Dynamic Actions" would be interesting one.When can we expect this....

-Sreekanth Babu Vakiti