Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Evangelize APEX in Europe

More and more Oracle User Groups include APEX tracks now.

This year I won't go to IOUG Collaborate, instead I'll present at some other conferences in Europe.

My schedule for the next 3 months

I never went to Bulgary or Sweden, so I look forward being there for the first time.

I'll also talk on some customer events and do the APEX trainings in Brussels, Belgium.

So there is a chance we meet eachother in the next weeks :-)


Svetoslav Gyurov said...

Hey Dimitri,

I've been reading you blog and I think what you're doing is great. Finally we'll meet you at the BGOUG. I think you will like it and I hope for you to become regular presenter/visitor of our conference.


Daniel Borgstrom said...

About the Swedish event. Do you know where it is?


Dimitri Gielis said...


The conference is held outside Stockholm on a nice Spa hotel. (


Unknown said...

Welcome to Sweden!!
It's about time!!
You have a huge "APEX Evangelize" job to do here among a bunch of "blue-domers"
Good Luck