Sunday, September 30, 2012

Oracle APEX & SQL Developer feature request

If you think "I wish APEX (Oracle Application Express) did this", you can log those things in one central place now: the Oracle Application Express Feature Requests website.

Note that you first need to login with your Oracle Single Sign-on credentials before you're able to see that app.

The same exists for SQL Developer (actually it existed before the APEX feature request site). On Oracle SQL Developer Exchange you can add feature requests.

Both Oracle development teams look at those requests and will add those in the next versions of APEX. If you can't think of a feature request you'd like, you can also vote on other people's requests.
The highest the vote, the higher the change the request will be included in the next release!

I logged for example the request to extend the Cart in SQL Developer to include dependencies, so you are sure you have everything you need when you deploy your next application. (Note: the cart is a nice feature to generate the file you want to upload in Supporting Objects in APEX.)
I also voted for Git support in SQL Developer. Hopefully you would like those features too, then don't hesitate to vote :-)


Unknown said...

I am not sure where to ask this thing. I have saved a video in BLOB column and I am looking forward to show it in another page. Please can you point to how it can be done?

Dimitri Gielis said...

You can search for an answer (or ask a question) in the APEX Forum: