Saturday, January 11, 2014

Start learning a new Oracle technology

I found it very interesting to read Tom Kyte's New Year resolutions for 2014.

"Learn something new about Oracle almost every day"

"Learn a new technology outside the comfortable realm of Oracle Database".

Resolutions I try to follow myself every year...

I love to try and integrate different technologies with Oracle APEX. Looking back at the last two years, just from the Oracle stack alone, in 2012 I played around integrating APEX with E-Business Suite (see blog). In 2013 I played around with Big Data and Endeca and tried to see how APEX could work with that (see presentation).

But you might wonder, how do you start with a new Oracle technology?

You can download and install almost all Oracle software from OTN for free to try-out.
There's also the Oracle Cloud where you can try their cloud solutions.
But maybe even easier are the pre-built Oracle VMs. A complete environment with all necessary software installed and some guides to get started.

In a future post I'll talk about how to learn different technologies linked to web development. In web development things are changing very fast; new (javascript) frameworks, new insights in web design etc. popup almost every day!

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