Wednesday, February 26, 2014

APEX Listener => Oracle REST Data Services

Yesterday a new version of the Oracle APEX Listener was released. The new version is 2.0.6... and the biggest change in this release is the change in name. From now on we won't speak about the "APEX Listener" anymore, but we speak about "Oracle REST Data Services".

The name explains more what the piece of software is doing and it will be less confusing for non-APEX people. Many people thought about the Database Listener when talking about the APEX Listener. Or others just wanting REST, don't question the use of APEX anymore.

The "Oracle REST Data Services" still carries the same purpose for us as APEX developers:
- serve as a replacement for the (older) mod_plsql
- enable the RESTful Services in APEX (found in SQL Workshop and Application wizard)


Rene said...

For those looking for the latest version of the APEX listener and not finding it, it will cause some confusion. I don't think the new name is a winner.

Scott Wesley said...

I'm unsure about the new name myself, I agree with the reasoning - the product shares a name (APEX itself has other examples, eg: cache) and does more than just serve - but it just seems the pendulum has swung the other way.

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