Monday, November 08, 2021

Oracle APEX 21.2: some things to unlearn

A few days ago Oracle Application Express (APEX) 21.2 was released. You can now upgrade your own environment with this new release. 

With every new release, it's important to look at the Release Notes. One section I'm particularly interested in is the Deprecated Features. Features listed in this section will still work, but sometimes in the future it might not, so it's a good time to start unlearning to use those features. Typically these features are not really necessary anymore or got replaced by something else, but it also occurs that some things get changed over time to make things more consistent or logical for new people.

One deprecated feature in APEX 21.2 got my intention... The use of the following substitution strings #APP_IMAGES# and #IMAGE_PREFIX# should from now on be avoided. Instead, make use of #APP_FILES# and #APEX_FILES#. Here's a complete list of substitution strings that should not be used anymore:

I will need to get used to not using #APP_IMAGES# anymore, as I used that from time to time when constructing a URL for a file in Static Application Files. 

Another deprecated feature is some region positions like After Header and Before Footer, next to Body 1, Body 2, and 3.


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