Friday, July 07, 2006

APEX 2.2 test and evaluation instance upgrade

Yesterday I posted that I didn't hear a lot of Oracle... my words weren't yet cold or I received a mail from the APEX Dev Team:

Last Friday, we upgraded our Oracle Application Express 2.2 test and evaluation instance. The code is now very close to production.

Thank you all for giving us feedback. We have read and responded to almost all comments. Many of your suggestions have been implemented in this release or are logged for consideration in 3.0. Please continue to comment and especially comment if you find a bug or what you think might be a bug.

Lastly, if you like something in Apex 2.2 would you consider providing a quote? You can comment on Apex in general or version 2.2 specifically. We need just a few quotes for our upcoming press release. If you really like Apex, this is your chance to tell the world. If you are interested, email your comment(s) along with you name, company name and contact information to

Thanks again -
The Oracle Application Express Development Team

These're the quotes I sent:
My quote 1: "“APEX, my true and only development environment!”"
My quote 2: "“APEX is FUN, this is proven by the big success of my World Cup application, completely written in APEX!”

I hope they select one of my quotes! ;-)

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