Friday, February 22, 2008

SQL Developer 1.5 on Mac

I'm currently working with SQL Developer 1.5 (beta) on my MacBook Pro and so far it's going really well. I've the impression it's faster as version 1.2 which I like.

Also some annoying bugs like the Editor becoming grey I didn't see yet in this beta version.

Some new features I think are very nice:
  • The Schema Diff and Copy Wizard. I did a diff from my tables and it worked very nicely. It showed me the create statements when the table didn't exist or the alter table statement when it did exist.
  • There should be a Flashback tab for tables, but I didn't find that yet.
  • The extended search functionality which should allow me to find things quicker
A whole list of things you should know before you start, the current issues and a list of the new features you find here.

As it's still beta don't forget to give the developers some feedback... So my first impressions of this new release are good.

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I recently got a MacPro but was used to having the oracle client on my old powerpc based desktop and using sqlplus. Seems like it's a little harder getting an Oracle client install on intel mac so decided to look at the sql developer beta, so far so good!