Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Damn, APEX Page deleted! What now?

You know that feeling when you're working hard on a system, did a lot of changes, finally get the required result and start clean up old code?

I was in that stage... but then it went wrong: I deleted the wrong components and even some pages...

So what do you do then? What would you do in a not-APEX development environment? Getting an old file back, but what if you changed multiple files? Go back into source control and get the latest release? But are you using source control?

I was lucky as in APEX I could just Export my application as a few minutes ago. The below screen shows this feature to you.

Your database needs to have Flashback enabled for this, but who's database is not running in archivelog mode and has the flash recovery area enabled?

Maybe some of you didn't know about this possibility, it's definitely a nice one.


SydOracle said...

"who's database is not running in archivelog mode"
Actually a lot of development databases won't be running in archivelog mode. Happily, that's irrelevant for flashback.
The underlying 'technology' behind flashback queries is the same as that used for rollbacks (either explicit rollback commands or the implicit one when an individual update or insert fails). Its all about undo tablespace and undo_retention.

Anonymous said...

But wait, there's more... APEX + Flashback + SQL Developer = Undo. This allows you to undelete a whole application.

I'm the one who added this feature to APEX back in the day. Always makes me feel good when someone finds it useful.

Patrick Wolf said...


it's definitively a great feature! I used it myself already several times. You did a great job to add that to APEX.


Dimitri Gielis said...

Hi Tyler,

Thanks for adding the feature!
Although the post is a year old now, I recommend everybody to read Tyler's post again.

We need to keep reminding people of the nice features in APEX. I forgot to search if somebody blogged about it already otherwise I would have included your link in the post from the start.

Thanks again,

Unknown said...

Hello gurus . some one delete dynamic action or page we have four developer know company blaming me that i deleted page so is this any way that apex maintain there logs that which user deleted dyanmic action or any page or report ? if anyone know then please let me know on my sc.jawad@gmail.com please kindly help