Friday, November 14, 2008

My first live hockey game

On Tuesday I went to my first ever live hockey game. I didn't know what to expect when James said me he had tickets for the hockey game, but he told me hockey is pretty big in Canada.

I saw the game Calgary Flames against Toronto Maple Leafs, which Calgary won 4-3. They played for a full house, so the atmosphere was very nice. The Flames first got a goal against, but it didn't take long before they scored some nice goals and took the lead. During the game you get sometimes time-out for commercials, that was new for me (well all of this was new for me).

I must say I liked it very much! Hockey is such a fast game and there's always a certain tension in the air. Like for ex the last minute when it was 4-3 the Leafs played without goalie!

Seeing hockey live is so much more fun than watching it on tv.

Players on the field, big screen tv's to watch the replays, real flames when goals were scored... everything for a fantastic evening.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time Dimitri.


J Cuff said...

Next time you're in Canada we'll see if we can get tickets for the Flames vs. Edmonton. It was great to have you over.



Frank said...

ICE hockey... not what I expected, you being Belgian and all that.
You got hockey and ice hockey.