Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nice Search in APEX 4.0

I like to get where I need to be in the fastest possible way... in APEX 4.0 they improved the navigation... On the top right you have a search box, which is a very intelligent search!

I typed 11675:1 and it went strait to page 1 of application 11675!

In the search you can also type table names etc and it will show a list of every component you used that table in. In short; the search is very powerful.

Cool, eh?


Anonymous said...

Hi Dimitri

I wanted to search for a particular numeric string using the "Search Application" facility in APEX 4.1, but it just attempts to find a page with that number. If I want to find page 20120710 I could just type that in the "search report" field, but I actually want to find that date string in our application. Is there anyway to do that without the application search thinking I'm looking for a page?

Phil Gray

Dimitri Gielis said...

You mean you want to search for a hardcoded string (date) inside your application?
Or do you want to search the data in your tables?

For the first I would use quotes arround the date as it should have that if it's hardcoded...

For the second I would use SQL Developer to search through my data.

Hope that helps

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Dimtri,
Yes I want to specifically look for a numeric string in the application. I have now found that by using page f?p=4000:8000 that I can search for a numeric string whereas in the 'Search Application' field it just attempts to find a page with the number.
Phil Gray