Thursday, February 01, 2007

APEX 3.0 sees the light!

You can now register for the early access release of Application Express 3.0. I already registered, but I'm waiting for my password ;-) In the next hours I'll post some screenshots about this new version.

What's new in APEX 3.0 (based on
this text)

  • PDF Printing
  • Access Migration
  • Flash Charts
  • Drag and Drop Item Layout
  • Improved Web Services
  • New Item Types:
    - Shuttle
    - HTML Editor Minimal - available under Textarea
    - HTML Editor Standard - available under Textarea
    - Popup Color Picker - available under Popup List of Values
    - Date Picker (use format mask)
  • Calendar Enhancement
  • Supporting Objects Enhancement
  • Page and Region Caching
  • Item Finder Enhancements
  • Application and Schema Comparison
  • Friendly URL Syntax to Facilitate Bookmarks
  • New Password and Account Controls
  • Improved Workspace Management
Ooh boy, if I see all these nice features, I can't wait to get APEX 3.0 up and running!

Also: if you review APEX 3.0 don't forget to give some feedback in the feedback application.

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