Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Apex name is confusing me

I'm preparing my white paper for Collaborate 07 about ApEx Shared Components, more in particular, today, I was searching for more information about the "Build Option" as I didn't use it that often in DG Tournament.

While I was googling "build option apex" I came on some unexpected sites. Of course when you put oracle with the other words, it should filter better.

I came across these links on the first page of my google search:
- an Apex bootloader
- an Apex developer framework - Salesforce.com’s Apex on SaaS Blogs
- and Apex SQL Tools

They have nothing to do with the Oracle Apex... or do they?
It was really confusing as SQL and development framework are really Oracle Apex related.

I knew Apex was a more known "name", due to the Google Fight I did some time ago. APC (Andrew Clarke) also made the comment on my blog, but today it was the first time it popped-up so hard to me... so I must agree with his statement, that HTMLDB was a better name to find immediately the right results!


Jornica said...
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Jornica said...

And did you know that Apex SQL is a tool for SQL Server?

Kris said...

This is a real bane of mine too. I normally resort to googling for "oracle apex" or "htmldb" to get the results I want. How much simpler it would be if ApEx was still known as Marvel, htmldb or Flows.