Thursday, February 15, 2007

Creating an APEX-team

As I already blogged at the end of last year, my goal for 2007 is to promote Oracle and ApEx even more. But honestly, I'm not sure that's possible, as during the day I only speak about Oracle and at night I dream of it!

I'm still searching for the right balance between my two passions... Yes, my family is one of them ;-)

In the past, I promoted ApEx through this blog, by making applications with it or by talking to customers about it.
In 2007 I want to go a step further! In the coming weeks you'll read more about it, but I can already announce that I'm currently building an ApEx-team (first in Belgium). I dream of guiding the people in the wonderful world of Oracle and ApEx and I hope to find a lot of ApEx-projects for this team. If you're interested to join this team, you may sent me your cv by mail.

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