Friday, May 23, 2008

Local APEX patched successfully

This morning I patched my local Application Express installations to 3.1.1.

I went to Metalink to download the patch. The full APEX 3.1.1 installation is also available now.

Unzip the file and read the Patch notes. Basically I had to login as SYS on my 11g database and run apxpatch.sql. After 4:36 minutes my APEX 3.1 was patched to 3.1.1. The only thing left to do was to copy the images directory. This is different if you run Apache or the Embedded PLSQL Gateway. A few seconds later I was done.

Starting my listener and going to APEX in my browser and seeing it worked ;-)

Nice if everything is going so smoothly! Thanks APEX-team.

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