Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Vote for APEX, somebody gets worried

OracleNerd, aka Chet Justice, wrote a blogpost that his poll about "Have you used Oracle Application Express" doesn't have that many votes for APEX.

I believe he's getting a bit worried, so I decided to call the tight APEX community to vote for APEX on his survey.

Maybe the APEX users don't read his blog or the people who voted just didn't know about APEX... Even without the big Oracle marketing machine, I can't believe that APEX is still not that known. Application Express is getting more and more adopted, especially with Oracle 11g it's taking off. So, I don't worry that much, otherwise I wouldn't have founded a company only doing APEX ;-)

Lets give OracleNerd a warm APEX vote, so he also feels a bit better!

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oraclenerd said...

Thanks for the bump!

I don't think I'm worried so much as befuddled (commented the same on my post). It's hard to believe such a great tool is hardly known, at least amongst the people who visit my blog.

They've got to be technical (people) because my wife won't read it. Same goes for family and friends.

Just strange...